Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Laser Distance Meters measure the most common dimensions needed on building and construction sites - distances, heights, lengths and widths plus areas and volumes.

Professional models for interior and exterior applications have laser distance measuring up to 150m with 1.5mm accuracy.

New models include special features, eg green beam laser, digital and graphic multi-axis level display, auxiliary camera video, Bluetooth and touch screen.

Green v Red Lasers
The human eye sees green much better than red, so a green laser appears 5 to 10 times brighter than a red laser.

Their greater visibility is much better when working in bright environments, over shorter distances (<50m) or onto dark surfaces.

For longer distances (">50m) a red laser with a camera is recommended.

Please note that range and measurements are subject to ambient light conditions and suitability of the target surface.






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