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Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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How to check differences in levels - quickly and easily with a NivComp Digital Altimeter Level

I am a surveyor and often need to inspect old properties where the floors and the ceilings are not level. Is there a portable instrument that I can use to check the variation in these surfaces?

The NivComp Digital Altimeter Level is recommended for fast and precise one-man levelling.

It measures the height difference in levels, displayed digitally to 1mm.

Applications allow blind level and slope measurements without visual contact, eg from one room to another.

The NivComp system consists of a hose reel with retractable handles, a stable hose and the handset.

Inside the hose reel is a fluid container and locking screw. The handset contains a high-quality pressure measuring module.

Levels are determined by the pressure changes between the fluid container in the reel and the handset.

The pressure changes result from the height difference between the handset and the fluid container.

The measuring principal is applicable to the entire horizontal and working range of the hose.

Applications allow blind level measurements over obstructions or without visual contact, eg around corners, between trenches or adjacent rooms, etc. Also, applications to determine flatness and slope measurements.

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