Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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ZipLevel Digital Altimeter

599.95 excl VAT
719.94 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
Availability: Product discontinued due to numerous technical and service problems. Suggested alternative: New 2021 NivComp Digital Altimeter Level @ 379.95 + VAT. Available ex stock London.
Manufacturer: Laserliner

The 2019

Nivcomp Digital Altimeter Level

- The proven alternative to the ZipLevel.



for details of the NivComp Digital Altimeter Level and video.


ZipLevel - Historic Information only

Laser-less precision altimeter with 2mm accuracy.

Digital measurement system for height measurements up to a working range of 50m and 6m above and below datum.

The patented gas/liquid system permits simple, quick height measurements without any additional accessories.

Efficient, cost-saving one-man operation.
No more maths, rods, tripods, line-of-sight or error with distance and no factory calibration required.

The connecting tubing can be wound back into the housing together with the measurement module.

Laserliner model now available ex UK stock.


ZERO - Sets reference datum to 0.
HOLD - Saves the display.
RES - Displays tolerance 2mm/5mm/10mm.
MARK - Too high, too low, spot on - Signalling tone with adjustable tolerance band.
CAL - Can be calibrated by the user.
SCALE - Alternate display in m or cm
CARRY & ELEV - Extends measurement range ">25m and preset height. Please

click here

for details.

Interactive Video:

To see how the Nivcomp works, please

click here


Main Features: ZipLevel Digital Altimeter

Easily and quickly measures altitudes without additional accessories.
Large operating range up to 50m.
Easy to transport - Connecting tubing winds up and the compact unit can be moved safely.
Working temperature form -30C to +70 by a patented gas/liquid system.
Effective low-cost one-person operation.
Suitable for both interior and exterior site work.
Ideal for landscaping - will go round trees and corners.
Constant measuring precision with pressurised system up to 50m with 2mm accuracy.
Temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation.
Fast measuring times with new sensor technology.
Auto-hold and Auto-zero function for measuremant operations outside the field of view - for large heights or deep trenches.
Versatile - can be adjusted to all surfaces of the measurement module.
Auto Shut-off function.
Stable connection tubing with anti-kink protection.
Durable electronic housing.
Telescopic monopole for the measurement module available as an accessory.

Technical Specification: ZipLevel Digital Altimeter

Measurement range  Horizontal 25m radius
  Vertical 6m above & below datum
Operating range  max 50m diameter
Accuracy  2mm
Resolution  0.2% <3m
  0.35% >3m
Units  m/cm/mm
Memory  Unlimited, even without battery
Reference  Base or back of the measurement module
Power supply  1 x 9v PP3 Battery included
Duration  60 hours
Protection  IP67 rainproof, must not be immersed
Working temperature  -30C to +70C
Weight  3.5 kg
Size  270 x 400 x 190mm (WxHxD)

599.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Manufacturer: Laserliner

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ZipLevel Digital Altimeter X.Products
ZipLevel Digital Altimeter X.Products
ZipLevel Digital Altimeter X.Products
ZipLevel Digital Altimeter X.Products
ZipLevel Digital Altimeter X.Products
ZipLevel Digital Altimeter X.Products
ZipLevel Digital Altimeter
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