Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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MultiTest Master

Environment Test Meter
199.95 excl VAT
239.94 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
Availability: Item discontinued - New range of individual Environmental Test Meters due in 2021 - Thermometer-Anemometer, Temperature & Humidity Data Logger, Sound Level Meter, Luxmeter and Gas Leak Detector.
Manufacturer: Laserliner

Universal 5-function measuring device for detecting environmental conditions in the home, office and industry.


The MultiTest Master is an all-in-one measuring device that allows you to measure all the key quantities associated with environmental measurements in the field of building physics.

Within surveying applications, it can be used to measure the following:

1. Ambient temperature

(climate, building moisture).

2. Relative humidity

(climate, building moisture).

3. Wind speed/air flow

(climate, ventilation, heating).

4. Luminosity


5. Sound pressure level


Consequently, you can use it to determine and assess the impact that general environmental conditions are likely to have on human physiology.

Main Features: MultiTest Master

Measures the ambient temperature.
Measures the relative air humidity.
Establishes the air flow and wind speed.
Measures the luminosity (lux).
Establishes the sound pressure level of the surroundings (db (A) and db (C) in accordance with IEC 651).
Calculates the minimum, maximum and average values from the measured data.
Data HOLD function, retains the current measured value on the display.
DIF difference function (max - min), makes it easier to determine the span.
Large, easy-to-read LCD with backlighting.
1/4in adapter for tripods to facilitate continuous measurement.
MultiTest Master includes carrying case, battery and instructions.

Technical Specification: MultiTest Master

Ambient temperature  -10 C to 60 C, Resolution 0.1C, Accuracy 1.5C
Relative air humidity  0% to 100% r.H.
  20 to 80%, Resolution 0.1%, Accuracy 3%/25C
  < 20% and > 80%, Resolution 0.1%, Accuracy 5%/25C
Sound Pressure Level  30 to 130 dB(A),Resolution 0.1%, Accuracy 1.5 dB
  35 to 130 dB(C),Resolution 0.1%, Accuracy 1.5 dB
  Frequency range: 100 to 8000 Hz
  Test conditions: 94 dB, 1 kHz sine curve
Luminosity  0 to 2 klx: resolution 1 lux, accuracy 5%
  0 to 20 klx: resolution 10 lux, accuracy 5%
  0 to 50 klx: resolution 100 lux, accuracy 5%
  At a colour temperature of 2850 K
  Calibrated according to reference incandescent lamp 2856 K
Wind Speed  0.5 to 20 m/s: resolution 0.1 m/s, accuracy 3%
  1.8 to 72 km/h: resolution 0.1 km/h, accuracy 3%
  1.6 to 65.7 ft/s: resolution 0.1 ft/s, accuracy 3%
  0.9 to 38.9 knots: resolution 0.1 knots, accuracy 3%
Air Flow  0 to 999.9 CMM M/S: Accuracy 3% =10 DIG.
  0 to 999.9 CFM FT/S: Accuracy 3% +10 DIG
Power Supply  1 x 9v PP3 battery included
Operating temperature  0C to 60C
Dimensions  280 x 89 x 50mm
Weight  430g

Click here to download our MultiTest Master Technical Guide

Guides available in Acrobat PDF format.

199.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Manufacturer: Laserliner

Click here for a printable version of this page
MultiTest Master Environment Test Meter
MultiTest Master Environment Test Meter
MultiTest Master
from Laser Level's Online Shop

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