Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Z-Old Stock
89.95 excl VAT
107.94 incl VAT
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Manufacturer: Laserliner

Non-destructive assessment of moisture content in wood, screed and plaster in which the tested material is not damaged.

Device operates on the impedance measuring principle between 2 conductive rubber contacts on the underside of the unit.

Simple handling, place the instrument onto the materials surface to determine the moisture content.

The measured value is recalculated into % of material moisture based on the material characteristic, softwoods (spruce, pine), hardwoods (beech, oak, birch). plaster and screed.

Coloured LED Dry/Wet indicator for faster rating.

Interactive Video:

To see how the MoistureFinder works, please

click here

Main Features: MoistureFinder

Numeric measurement of relative material moisture on LCD display.
12-position LED bar wet/dry colour coded display.
Wet alarm tone.
4 selectable material characteristics.
Material mode switch.
Hold current display.
Battery charge indicator.
Auto switch-off.
Unit supplied complete with battery and instructions.

Technical Specification: MoistureFinder

Measurement principle  Impedance via integrated rubber electrodes
Measurement range/accuracy  Cement Screed: 0% to 4.5% / 0.5%
  Plaster: 0% to 9% / 0.5%
  Softwood: 0% to 52% / 0.2% (6%-30%)
  Hardwood: 0% to 32% / 0.2% (6%-30%)
Operating temperature  0C to 40C
Storage temperature  -10C to 60C
Maximum relative humidity  85%
Power supply  1 x PP3 9v battery included
Duration  30 hours continuous operation
Automatic shut-off  after 2 minutes

Click here to download our MoistureFinder Technical Guide

Guides available in Acrobat PDF format.

89.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Manufacturer: Laserliner

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MoistureFinder Z-Old Stock
MoistureFinder Z-Old Stock
MoistureFinder Z-Old Stock
MoistureFinder Z-Old Stock
MoistureFinder Z-Old Stock
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