Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Eco Automatic Optical Level 24x Set - Promotion

Automatic Optical Levels
249.95 excl VAT
299.94 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
Buy Online:
Manufacturer: Ecoline

New Ecoline ELN 24 from Geo-Fennel, automatic level 24x complete with tripod 1.47m and telescopic levelling staff 5m.

Recommended for Builders, Landscapers, Farmers, Groundworkers and Surveyors.

Precision high-quality engineering from Geo-Fennel in Germany.

Promotion Offer:



plus VAT by buying all items as a set! (Original total price 269.95 plus VAT, now 239.95 plus VAT).

How it works

It works like a precision telescope, with an artificial target line generated at a specified height - the horizontal reference.

An automatic compensator adjusts the target line in the horizontal plane.

Distances can be estimated using the stadia lines with the E-graduations on the measuring staff.

The 21st Century version of the Cowley Level and the Dumpy Level.


Full details and tools included for owner accuracy check and re-calibration.

Measuring with an optical level:

To determine the height difference in the example shown below, the levelling staff is first set up at point A.
The optical system of the level has automatically aligned itself horizontally.
With the help of the optical sight marking, it is now possible to read off the difference in height between Point A and the sight line shown in blue.
The staff can now be positioned at any Point B, and the second height difference measured.

Calculation of height difference:

Height A - Height B = Height difference H

Long distance scale with E-graduations:

This special form of scale graduation can easily be read even over long distances when the the cm divisions are no longer visible.
The E-blocks are 5cm high and the red and black are meter divisions.

Distance estimating with an optical level:

Read the upper and lower values of the stadia lines.
These are the graduations above and below the crosshairs in the telescope.
Multiply the difference of these values by the factor of 100 and the result is the distance in meters.

Technical Specification: Eco Automatic Optical Level 24x Set - Promotion

Standard deviation  2mm/km double levelling
Magnification  24x
mm/cm estimation  to 100m/to 200m
Minimum Focusing distance  0.3m
Graduation  1 x 360 circle
Objective diameter  36mm
Field of view  130'
Compensator  Magnetic damping
Range of operation  12'
Accuracy  0.5"
Compensation time  <2 seconds
Level bubble Accuracy  10'/2mm
Operating temperature  -10C to +40C
Weight  6.0kg/set
Mfrs Ref No  EAL24S
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Eco Automatic Optical Level 24x Set - Promotion Automatic Optical Levels
Eco Automatic Optical Level 24x Set - Promotion Automatic Optical Levels
Eco Automatic Optical Level 24x Set - Promotion Automatic Optical Levels
Eco Automatic Optical Level 24x Set - Promotion
from Laser Level's Online Shop

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