Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Geo DataVision 1000

Laser Thermometers
369.95 excl VAT
443.94 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
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Manufacturer: Geo-Fennel

Geo-Fennel DataVision 1000 contactless temperature and humidity measuring instrument with real-time video image and memory function for perfect documentation.


In addition to using non-contact technology to measure surface temperatures, this measuring device is also used to measure relative humidity and ambient temperature.

It measures how much electromagnetic energy is emitted in the infrared wavelength range and uses this information to calculate the surface

The dew point temperature is also calculated.
A particular application of the device is to effectively locate thermal bridges.

The integrated camera makes it possible to record images or video sequences of the special measuring situation, to evaluate the measured data with the aid of the supplied software and to process the data for documentation purposes.

Precision high-quality engineering from Geo-Fennel in Germany.

Main Features: Geo DataVision 1000

Precision infrared thermometer with large measuring range -50C to +1000C.
Real-time video display of measuring point with all relevant data.
Measuring point marked by dual laser and target mark in display for exact object pinpointing.
Adjustable emmision coefficient with material display.
Integrated sensors for humidity and ambient temperature to assess room climate, (dew point assessment).
Additional K-type thermocouple connection for contact temperature measurement.
High-grade infrared optics; 50:1.
Visual and accoustic high/low alarm function.
Min/Max/Avg/Dif display: Display of minimum, average and differential value.
Playback function for image and video recordings.
All measured data recorded on internal memory or on micro SD card.
Powerful li-ion rechargeable battery.
USB interface.

Technical Specification: Geo DataVision 1000

Power supply  3.7v/DC, li-ion rechargeable battery
Screen  2.2 TFT colour display, 320 x 240 pixels
Internal memory  40 MB
Supported memory card  micro SD, max. 8 GB
Connections  USB 2.0
Image format  JPG, 640 x 480 pixels
Video format  3GP, 320 x 240 pixels, 9.5 fps
Optics  50:1
Emissivity coeficient  0.10 to 1.0, adjustable
Laser wavelength  630 - 650 nm
Laser  Class 2 <1 mW
Operating temperature  0C to +50C
Storage temperature  -10C to +60C
Dimensions  62 x 205 x 155mm
Weight  410 g
Measuring range  -50C to +1300C
Accuracy  1.0% 1C (20C to 500C)
  1.5% (500C to 1000C)
  3.5C (-50C to +20C)
Measuring rate  150 ms
Spectral sensitivity  8 to 14m
Ambient temperature: 
Measuring range  0C to 50C
Accuracy  0.5C (10C to 40C)
  1.0C (<10C to >40C)
Relative humidity: 
Measuring range  0% to 100% rH
Accuracy  3.0% rH (40% to 60% rH)
  3.5% rH (0% to 40%, 60% to 80% rH)
  5.0% rH (0% to 20%, 80% to 100% rH)
Dew point temperature: 
Measuring range  0C to 50C
Accuracy  0.5C (10C to 40C)
  1.0C (<10C to >40C)
K-type sensor: 
Measuring range  -50C to 1,370C
Precision  0.5% 1.5C (0C to 1370C)
  2.5C (-50C to 0C)
Geo-Fennel Part No  FIRT 1000 DataVision

Click here to download our Geo DataVision 1000 Technical Guide

Guides available in Acrobat PDF format.

369.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Buy Online:
Manufacturer: Geo-Fennel

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Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000 Laser Thermometers
Geo DataVision 1000
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