Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Laser Land Levelling System

Rotary Lasers
1,100.00 excl VAT
1,320.00 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
Availability: Please contact the manufacturer direct for a quotation: Reference: Laser Level Shop
Manufacturer: SunNav Technology

High Precision Agriculture Laser Land Levelling System AG908, (New updated system).

Laser Control System available with or without Tripod and/or Scraper options.

Land Levelling

The benefits of Land Levelling

1. Water Saving. Approximately 35-45% saving in Irrigation.

2. Increase in Yield. The Laser Levelling of fields helps in increased yields by 50%.

3. Increase in Cultivable Area.

Laser Control System

(available with or without the Scraper)
Rotary Laser KF508
Laser Receiver LS608
Control Box KB908
Tripod 3m


(not included - 2m, 3m & 4m available)
Valve Group
Oil Cylinder
Oil Pump
Oil Tubes
Oil Tank


(not included)
90-150HP required, subject to soil condition

Guide Prices

Laser Control System only, (without Tripod)
USD $1600.00 (GBP 1100.00)

Rotary Laser KF908
Laser Receiver LS608
Control Box KB908

Tripod 3m

Laser Control System (with Tripod)
USD $2200.00 (GBP 1500.00)

Laser Control System + 2m Scraper
USD $5950.00 (GBP 4000.00)

Laser Control System + 3m Scraper
USD $6250.00 (GBP 4200.00)

Laser Control System + 4m Scraper
USD $6550.00 (GBP 4400.00)

The above guide prices are in USD, FOB Tianjin, China, exclude shipping and are subject to quotation.

(GBP/ prices based on 1.50 USD:1.00 GBP)


Please email your details, including delivery address with the required Land Levelling System option as above, direct to:

Reference: Laser Level Shop

Operating Manual

Please click-on the manual section below to download:

Principal of Land levelling
2. System Installation - Mechanical Parts
3. System Installation - Hydraulic Parts
4. Levelling Operation

Technical Specification: Laser Land Levelling System

Rotary Laser KF508  
Operating range  900m
Self-levelling range  5
Accuracy  5mm/100m
Laser diode  635nm <5mW Class 2
Rotation speed  4-preset 10-600rpm
Operating temperature  -20C to +50C
Laser Receiver LS608:  
Laser rotation speed  270 to 1320rpm
Laser beam angle  360
Receiver window  231mm
Operating Temperature  -40C to +71C
Power input  10v to 30v DC
Control Box KB508:  
Tripod 3m:  
Scraper 3m:  (2m & 4m also available)
Bucket  Size: W300 x H70 x D102cm
  Thickness: 10mm
  Weight: 1300kg
Blade  L300cm x H16mm x T16mm
Draw-bar  178cm
Axle  192cm
Wheels  2 x 65cm
Tractor:  (not included)
HP required  90-150HP (subject to soil property)
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Laser Land Levelling System Rotary Lasers
Laser Land Levelling System Rotary Lasers
Laser Land Levelling System Rotary Lasers
Laser Land Levelling System
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