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Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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Geo Digital Inclinometer 0.1 Magnetic (Discontinued)

149.95 excl VAT
179.94 incl VAT
 Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
 Availability: Item Discontinued. Suggest SmartTool Pro @ 99.95 +VAT as an alternative.
Manufacturer: Geo-Fennel


Geo-Fennel S-Digit Mini+

Digital Inclinometer with magnetic base, batteries and soft case.

New mode functions now include pitch in ins/ft or mm/m. Also, with inclination angle in degrees () and slope as a percentage (%). Plus, zero angle re-set at any inclination.

New features include sound at 0 & 90 also illuminated LCD.

Heavy-duty model for industrial use with IP65 protection.

Precision high-quality engineering from Geo-Fennel in Germany.

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Main Features: Geo Digital Inclinometer 0.1 Magnetic (Discontinued)

Digital sensor module.
Angle displayed in degrees (), slope (%) or pitch (ins rise/ft run or mm/m).
Very high stability readings throughout temperature range.
Sound signal at horizontal and vertical.
Illuminated LCD numeric display with battery state indicator.
Display can be read even when level is inverted for overhead measurements.
Alternate zero feature to set any angle at 0.
On-site owner recalibration to factory setting.
Auto shut-off after 6 minutes.
Heavy-duty aluminium body with magnetic V-base.
1/4in socket in base for camera tripod.
Sealed against dirt and water penetration.
Complete with battery, case and instructions.

Technical Specification: Geo Digital Inclinometer 0.1 Magnetic (Discontinued)

Measuring Range  4 x 90 (=360)
Resolution/Display  0.1, 0.1%, 0.1mm/m
Angle accuracy  0.1 at 0 & 90
  0.2 from 1 to 89
Slope accuracy  0.1%
Pitch accuracy  0.1mm/m
Accoustic signal  0and 90
Operating temperature  -10C to +50C
Power supply  3 x 1.5v AAA batteries included
Duration  600 hours
Auto shut-off  6 minutes
Protection  IP65
Dimensions  156 x 56 x 31mm
Weight  0.45kg (includes batteries)
Geo-Fennel Part No  S-Digit mini +

149.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Manufacturer: Geo-Fennel

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Geo Digital Inclinometer 0.1° Magnetic  (Discontinued) X.Products
Geo Digital Inclinometer 0.1 Magnetic (Discontinued)
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