Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK

Laser Levels Rotary Laser Spirit Level buy UK
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DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05°

Digital Inclinometers
£37.95 excl VAT
£45.54 incl VAT
Delivery: FREE - UK Mainland
Availability: Item sold out and now discontinued.
Manufacturer: DigiPas

Sorry! All sold-out.

DigiPas adjustable clip-on digital inclinometer module to convert a spirit level into a high-precision digital spirit level with a 0.05° resolution.

This module has the unique feature of being adjustable to fit almost all spirit levels. Also, it can be attached to a straightedge in the form of a an alloy box-section extrusion or even a planed-all-round wooden batten.

The numeric digital display offers FAST, CLEAR & PRECISE measurement of any angles (0° ~ 360°) at resolutions of 0.05°, 0.1° or 0.5° which for the traditional spirit level is difficult, or unable to match.

Quality Control:

DigiPas products are designed & built with advanced Digital MEMS Technology Sensor to provide high level of effectiveness for professional & DIY applications.

The unique products of Digi-Pas™ are ®Design Registered, PTC Patented, and also tested and certified by TÜV SÜD and PSB to comply with CE, FCC, C-Tick and RoHS standards.


To see how the Digital Clip-on Level works, please

click here

Main Features: DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05°

Mode displayed for inclination (°), slope (%) and pitch (ins/ft & mm/m).
LCD display.
Hold reading in memory.
Auto shut-off.
Buzzer sound.
Re-calibration by user.
Polyamide body.
Adjustable width clip for spirit level attachment.
Flip locking lever to set required width.
Special bar for clamping I-beam spirit levels.
Complete with battery and instructions.

Technical Specification: DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05°

Measuring range  4 x 90°
  0.00% to ±100%
Resolution  0.05°, 0.1° and 0.5°
  1mm/m or 1/8in/ft
Power supply  1 x 3v CR2032 battery included
Auto shut-off  3 minutes
Operating temperature  0°C to 45°C
Dimensions  95 x 48 x 17.5 to 35mm
Clamping width  17.5 to 35mm (3/4in to 1.3/8in)
Weight  90g
DigiPas Ref No  DWL130CWP

£37.95 plus VAT (if applicable)
Manufacturer: DigiPas

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DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05° Digital Inclinometers
DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05° Digital Inclinometers
DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05° Digital Inclinometers
DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05° Digital Inclinometers
DigiPas Digital Clip-On Inclinometer 0.05°
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